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Doctor mistake allegedly led to hospital patient's death


Losing a loved one to an illness is understandably difficult, but when this happens because of a physician's failure to properly treat the individual in Maryland, this can naturally lead to anger and a desire for justice. One man in a different state recently lost his life after suffering different medical conditions, including pneumonia. The man's children have sued the hospital at which he died, claiming that a doctor mistake led to his death.

The children said that their dad, 85, went to an emergency room complaining about chest congestion one day. He was found to have a fever as well as severe pneumonia. He had already been diagnosed as having hypertension, Parkinson's disease, and congestive heart failure. The man's children also said a severe staph infection was found on one of his toes.

During his time at the hospital, the man's condition reportedly worsened. His fever went up, and he increasingly struggled to breathe. In addition, the man's kidneys stopped working, and fluid built up in the man's lungs. The plaintiffs said they asked for their dad to be placed in the center's intensive care unit, but the doctors at the hospital dismissed their requests. They have accused the hospital of medical malpractice.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages for mental anguish, physical pain, and medical expenses. They are also pursuing damages for the loss of the enjoyment of life, funeral expenses, and wrongful death as well as survival damages. Monetary compensation cannot bring back a loved one who has died due to a doctor mistake in Maryland, but it may help to bring closure to the situation for the person's surviving family members.

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