Auto accident involving truck claims a motorcycle rider's life

The involvement of a truck in a motor vehicle accident can turn what otherwise would be a minor collision into a tragic accident. Merely by judging the size of a truck, someone can visualize the potential damage it may cause. Other vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles, are simply no match in a collision with a truck, and a driver or rider of a smaller vehicle often sustains serious injuries that can lead to his or her death.

A motor vehicle accident recently occurred in Lanham, which is a few minutes away from Laurel, Maryland. The report indicated that a UPS truck and a motorcycle were involved in the accident, which took place near Massachusetts Avenue and Wisconsin Avenue. The motorcyclist died following the accident. Police are reporting that the UPS truck was making a left-hand turn when the collision occurred.

The family will be devastated by the sudden loss of their loved one and are planning a memorial service at a local school Regardless of the police findings in this case, the surviving family members may also conduct a separate investigation to find out more about how the accident occurred leading to the motorcyclists untimely death.

Truck accident victims need to understand that the case is usually far more complex than a simple car crash because it involves the potential liability of both the trucking company and the truck drivers themselves. Moreover, unique features of the trucking industry, such as the trucker's log and maintenance records, must be taken into consideration during the accident investigation. If in fact the UPS truck driver was operating the vehicle in a negligent way prior to the crash, UPS may be held liable for any resulting damages, including injuries or death to other motorists.

The road to a family's receiving compensation from the party at fault starts with filing a claim against him or her. In Laurel, this can be done with the help of a legal professional who can guide the accident victim or the victim's family through this difficult and at times emotional process.

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