Surgical error leaves Maryland woman with ruptured uterus

Medical care is something that no person should feel the need to compromise on. Should they find themselves in need of a procedure, they should also be able to trust their medical professionals to provide the proper care and follow the needed protocols. Any mistake on the part of the doctor, such as surgical errors, could have detrimental effects for the patient and possibly even lead to death.

After a procedure in Maryland left a woman with a ruptured uterus, a doctor was facing possible penalties including losing her medical license. The doctor apparently was accused of not following proper procedures, including taking the patient to the emergency room via her private vehicle. The patient apparently filed civil charges against the doctor, but the prosecution eventually dropped the charges.

Maryland regulators, however, wished to proceed with charges, and the Maryland licensing board wanted the doctor to have her license revoked. They claimed that her conduct was unprofessional and delayed treatment time. The state in which she obtained her medical license does not feel that revoking the doctor's license is necessary, but she has been reprimanded by having to write an essay to the board describing what she learned from the incident.

Surgical errors on the part of a medical professional can be a very scary thing to learn about as a patient. Though the woman luckily recovered from the ruptured uterus, it was important that the doctor's mistake was made known. If someone is the victim of medical error or negligence, they may find information on Maryland medical malpractice laws beneficial in determining how they should proceed against the medical professionals deemed at fault, should they choose to do so.

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