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C-section: a risky procedure for delivering a baby


When a pregnant woman is about to give birth, she has two options: vaginal delivery or Caesarean delivery. Surprisingly, the C-section is becoming the new trend for delivery. From 1996 to 2009, C-sections in the U.S. increased by 60 percent. And from 2009 to 2012, 31 percent of recorded births employed that procedure.

Residents, especially mothers, of Prince George, Maryland should understand the risks of undergoing a C-section during delivery. First and foremost, a C-section is a surgical procedure that involves the cutting of tissue and, in the case of childbirth, the mother's abdomen is cut open. This, in turn, leaves the mother vulnerable to infection, blood clots and excessive bleeding.

Undergoing a C-section may also affect future pregnancies. For example, a mother who has undergone this procedure for her first child may not be able to give birth vaginally during her next delivery. There is a good chance that the mother may face a uterine rupture, bladder and bowel injuries, placenta implantation problems and the possibility of second caesarean.

Of all the instances of C-sections, most were medically unnecessary and, therefore, avoidable. For the mothers, they should have considered the natural way of giving birth as it allows them to recover faster. Another fact that could also enlighten mothers is the fact that C-sections increase the risk of death during delivery.

If the mother or the baby is injured or dies during childbirth, the medical professional can be held liable. Proving medical professional error is not an easy task. Supporting documents such as medical records should be obtained from the health care provider. These documents should be forwarded to a different medical professional who can evaluate the case as well as provide interpretation of the allegations.

After that, the patient may speak with a legal professional for assistance in filing the claim. Birth injury cases can be settled out of court or through litigation for a fair and just settlement.

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