Woman awarded $60,000 from hospital for surgeon error

Surgical patients in Maryland typically put a lot of trust and faith in their surgeons as they go into an operation. When a mistake occurs during a surgical procedure, it can have a profound and devastating effect on a patient for the rest of his or her life. In a recent out-of-state case, a woman was awarded approximately $60,000 by a jury as a result of surgeon error.

The plaintiff was 46 years old at the time she was admitted to Hurley Medical Center in 2009 for gallbladder surgery. She claims that her surgeon failed to identify which artery and duct needed cutting during the procedure. The surgeon allegedly cut an artery to her liver and a duct leading to her small intestine. As a result of this mistake, she needed emergency surgery at a different medical center.

The plaintiff claims that she now suffers from chronic, debilitating pain as a result of the emergency surgery. In addition, her rib cage bears a large scar. In 2011, she filed the lawsuit against the hospital and doctor from the first surgery and originally asked the jury to award her $400,000 in damages. The jury took a day to reach their decision after the four-day trial.

While surgical errors are the primary reason for medical malpractice claims, they are still relatively rare occurrences. However, anyone in Maryland who has experienced mental and physical suffering as a result of a surgeon error does have options. He or she may benefit from speaking to someone with knowledge of the medical malpractice laws in our state. Pursuing a claim may help the injured party obtain some financial relief and closure as he or she focuses on recovery.

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