Maryland bicycle-car accidents increased significantly

Vehicle accidents can occur any time in Laurel, Maryland, especially when bicycle enthusiasts and car drivers share the roads. Drivers should be mindful about safe driving. According to the latest data on motor vehicle crashes, the crashes between bicycles and cars have increased over the last five years.

In 2008, there were 799 car-bicycle crashes in Maryland. That number increased by five percent in 2012. Of the 841 collisions between cars and bicycles in the state, five people died and 689 sustained injuries. For instance, a car struck a female bicyclist in August. As a result of the accident, she was left unconscious and her lungs collapsed. The accident also resulted in a concussion, broken ribs and abrasions. Although she is trying not to let the accident affect her love for biking, she is not sure if she will ever ride a bicycle again.

A car accident can also happen because of road and weather conditions. Negligence can play a crucial role in the occurrence of an accident. Both bicyclists and motorists are responsible for sharing the roads safely. However, in the event that a car strikes a bicycle, it is more likely that the bicyclist will suffer. As it is with a pedestrian, a bicyclist does not have the same protection as a car passenger. Serious injuries and death are possible after such a collision.

Injuries sustained in an accident can be a burden because they can affect a person's productivity. The car accident victim often has medical bills to pay and lost wages because of missed workdays.

The victim of a car accident has a legal option to sue the negligent driver and collect compensation. In these instances it is important to review the facts surrounding the accident to determine if the car driver's negligence caused the accident.

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