Incomplete removal of placenta led to deadly infection in mother

Proper care, attention, and follow-up care are crucial when delivering a child in Maryland or anywhere else because it is the health of both the child and the mother that is at stake. When there is a lapse in care, a family is very often devastated. Tragically, there is a little girl that lives out of state that is growing up without a mother because when the little girl was being delivered, a resident failed to completely remove the mother's placenta, which resulted in a deadly infection and hemorrhaging that went untreated in a tragic instance of medical malpractice.

The first-time mother initially survived delivery and was sent home. However, she returned to the hospital soon after with complaints of pain and abnormal bleeding. A few tests were conducted, but the hospital failed to conduct a test that likely would have revealed the partial placenta.

The mother went in for a follow-up appointment where she was deemed to be "healing perfectly." However, the mother was far from perfect. Her husband found her unresponsive just a few nights later, emergency responders rushed to their home, but the mother had already passed away.

This is an error that should not have happened and now a husband is left without his wife, and a little girl is left without her mother. The husband filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital for the trauma that ensued in these happenings. The lawyer representing the family of the mother that died says, "Making certain the placenta is fully removed is Afterbirth 101. They also had three opportunities to find the source of her pain but never did."

In Maryland, when a family is made to work through the trauma of loss of life or injury following the birth of a child, there could be grounds for financial recourse. Seeking the assistance of an experienced birth injury lawyer can better assist a family in obtaining the maximum amount of compensation possible in such instances of negligence.

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