Maryland car crash results in critical injuries

A recent two-vehicle collision in Maryland has left both drivers hospitalized, one with life-threatening injuries. According to Maryland State Police troopers, the accident occurred when the driver of a westbound pickup truck failed to stop at a stop sign. The truck then hit a northbound SUV, causing both vehicles to crash into an embankment. The pickup continued up the embankment until it hit a tree, ultimately stopping by a grass shoulder. The driver of the pickup truck was transported to the hospital while the critically-injured SUV driver went to a shock trauma center.

When motor vehicle accidents cause injuries, there are a few ways for victims to show which driver was legally at fault. One method is to refer to police reports relating to the incident since they contain the notes and observations of any officer that came to the scene and may, therefore, have evidence showing that one driver negligently failed to take the normal level of care due under the circumstances.

Another method of proving fault is by referring to local traffic laws. If a driver was not following the rules of the road and an accident occurs, that failure to adhere to the law is evidence that that driver was negligent. Behaviors such as tailgating, excessive speeding, failing to signal a turn and running red lights are all the kind rule-breaking that can easily cause an injurious accident to occur.

If a court finds that a driver was, through negligence, responsible for an accident, then those injured in the incident can claim compensation for any hospital bills, lost wages or pain and suffering that arise from it.

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