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Safety violations pop when soda company fined $130,000 by OSHA


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates safety laws and regulations in the workplace to protect workers not just in Maryland, but around the country. While an injured worker in Maryland can collect workers' compensation benefits in the event of a workplace accident that yields injury, this is inconvenient and disruptive for the employee. Further, they can be confronted with barriers in obtaining their due compensation and may need to seek the assistance of an experience legal attorney.

Accordingly, it is best to avoid such happenings by always striving for the maximum level of workplace safety through adhering to OSHA safety guidelines and rules and proper training of all employees. If an employer fails on any of these levels on Maryland, they could be susceptible to not only liability for any workplace accidents, but they could be order to pay often steep fines leveled by OSHA for any deviation in safety.

A soda company is learning this difficult lesson after an OSHA inspection of the bottling facility resulted in OSHA detected 16 workplace safety violations and consequently fining the company almost $130,000 in penalties. The violations ranged from a lack of noise controls to having a defective forklift.

Regarding the fines leveled against the employer providing this unsafe workplace, an OSHA employee says, "OSHA will not tolerate employers jeopardizing the safety and health of workers." Similarly, injured employees shouldn't tolerate their employer's disregard for safety either. In the event that a worker is injured due to safety oversight in the workplace, they could be due compensation to cover their medical expenses and lost wages.

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