Industrial worker caught in machine suffers facial injuries

Maryland workers that are employed in the construction or industrial fields often stand at an elevated risk for being seriously injured in an accident on the job. In an effort to mitigate this risk, there are certain safety regulations around various components of the tasks that these workers are called to perform. It is the responsibility of an employer to ensure that these safety measures are closely adhered to. Failure to do so can mean serious consequences for an employer and serious injury for a victimized employee.

For workers in these industries, a large source of concern is an accident with heavy machinery. Use of such potentially dangerous machinery should be tightly regulated by employers. It is critical that employees are trained in the appropriate manner, and that all heavy machinery is properly maintained and evaluated at regular intervals.

What went wrong in a terrible and gruesome out-of-state workplace accident remains unclear. However, the result was that an industrial worker needed to be speedily airlifted following becoming caught in the machinery he was operating. When the worker became tangled in the machine, he suffered serious injuries to his face. The prognosis for this worker remains unknown, but it is likely that he will have to undergo painful surgery and may have to live for the rest of his life with facial deformities.

In similar happenings in Maryland, injured industrial workers should under workers' compensation law be able to financially recover for both their medical expenses and lost wages. This can be a difficult process to navigate, however, particularly when faced with a long recovery from the resulting injuries. An experienced workers' compensation attorney can greatly assist workers injured on the job in their just recovery.

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