Three-car accident injures four in Maryland

Four people were recently injured in Maryland in a series of collisions as a driver attempted to flee the police. According to a Maryland State Police spokesman, the incident began when a trooper attempted to pull a driver over due to a traffic violation. The driver instead fled the scene and ran a red light about a mile away from the initial stop, hitting a vehicle attempting to turn left at the intersection, and then colliding with a second vehicle afterward. The four people injured were all sent to the hospital for treatment.

When a motor vehicle accident causes injuries, victims who wish to receive compensation in court need to demonstrate fault by the driver or drivers who caused the collision to occur. If a driver acts negligently by failing to act with the regular level of care expected under the circumstances and if that negligence is the cause of the crash, that driver can be found at fault and made to compensate those victims injured in the incident.

One source of evidence for accusations of negligence is the police report made by any officer who reported to the scene of the car crash. Since these reports contain the observations of the officer, they may have information that goes to show a driver's negligence caused the accident to occur.

Another way to show evidence of driver negligence is to demonstrate that the driver disobeyed the "rules of the road"-the state traffic laws. If a driver engages in behavior such as running a red light or failing to signal a turn, that can serve as proof that that driver was not acting with the proper level of care and was therefore negligent. It is possible, then, for that driver to be made to pay compensation to injured victims for their hospital bills, lost wages and any pain and suffering endured due to an accident.

Maryland state police did not say why the driver in the recent crash was being pulled over in the first place but did state that charges are pending.

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