Epilepsy impacts an entire family

Financial security can be challenging for a family to attain when a family member suffers from an illness. When multiple family members struggle with a lifelong illness, financial difficulties may become even more serious. For one family, epilepsy brings them together, but it has also given them challenges.

This family includes a mother, her three grown children, her daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren. Five of the seven family members have epilepsy. The grandmother has dealt with epilepsy for approximately 30 years and can no longer work as an accountant because of epileptic seizures that affect her often.

Even though this woman takes medications for her epilepsy, she still suffers from seizures. A long-term condition like epilepsy can impact a person's ability to provide for oneself for many years. Other long-term illnesses or diseases can also make it difficult for a person to attain a job or continue working.

To get by, the grandmother lives off of a small Social Security pension. However, for her daughter and sons who are still young and would not have a pension yet, they may need to seek another means of income if their seizures prevented them from working.

Social Security disability benefits may be helpful for the grandmother's adult children, especially her daughter who is a single mother and also suffers from several other serious health problems. Any Maryland residents considering applying for disability benefits may want to consult an attorney before submitting the application. As the process is complicated and many applications are not approved, having professional help with the application may pay off.

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