Five teens injured in Howard County auto accident

Recently, five Howard County teenagers pulling out of their high school parking lot were injured when a truck hit the sedan in which they were riding. Emergency crews transported the four passengers in the sedan to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, and the passengers were released that evening. Hospital personnel had to airlift the sedan's driver, however, and take him to a shock trauma center, where he remains in critical condition.

Motor vehicle accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries all too easily. Injuries to the brain or spine, as well as amputations, broken bones and burns, can require long-term rehabilitation as well as lifestyle changes after recovery.

When auto accidents are caused by a driver's failure to act with the reasonable level of care expected under the circumstances, that driver may have acted negligently. Therefore, the driver may be at least partly legally responsible for any resulting injuries. Victims who have been wounded by such a driver's negligence may be entitled to seek compensation from the negligent party in court.

Seeking legal compensation from a negligent driver can help accident victims recover accident-related expenses such as hospital bills and lost wages. In addition, the victim may be able to recover the costs associated with physical therapy, occupational therapy and psychological therapy necessary to recover as completely as possible. Victims may also be able to recover for future lost wages if they can no longer work at their former occupation, as well as any pain and suffering that they have endured as a result of the collision.

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