Four pedestrians struck in Maryland auto accident

According to the Anne Arundel County Fire Department, a car recently struck four pedestrians as it tried to turn onto a highway onramp. All four of the pedestrians, three of whom are teenagers, were seriously injured and had to be transported to a trauma center. According to the police, the auto accident occurred when the driver tried to turn onto the onramp at the same time as the pedestrians were attempting to cross it.

There are many ways in which a driver's negligence can cause car accidents that end in serious injury for the victims. If a driver does not act with the ordinary level of care due under the circumstances, then that driver may be held legally responsible for injuries caused. Examples of potentially neglectful behavior include speeding, driving drunk and driving while distracted by something such as a cell phone.

When behaviors like these cause an accident which then cause injury to other people, the victims can often file a legal claim for compensation. By filing an accident claim promptly, it may be possible to recover for hospital bills, wages lost while recovering, pain and suffering and other expenses and damages suffered due to a collision.

While three of the victims in the recent Maryland accident were released from the hospital on the same day, one of them remained at least overnight. According to police, the fact that the site of the accident had no crosswalk or streetlights may have contributed to the early-evening crash. The driver responsible remained at the scene.

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