Construction accident injures Maryland worker

Construction workers are all too aware of the value of safety. One faulty piece of equipment or one misstep can mean the difference between securely working a job and a damaging or fatal construction accident. One Maryland worker has been seriously injured after a large five gallon paint container suspended high in the air suddenly dropped onto his head.

The container was apparently being lowered to the 52-year-old man five yards below when it dropped. After the impact, the man was completely unable to move and had to be safely secured until help could arrive. As of now there is no indication that any are at fault for the accident other than a potentially faulty piece of equipment.

The man was eventually brought to a nearby hospital by helicopter where he was treated. Officials state that the worker will survive the incident, but his injuries are in fact severe. It was not specified how long the man will have to remain hospitalized or if he will be forced to miss a significant amount of work due to his recovery.

This Maryland construction accident demonstrates just how dangerous outdoor labor can be. Thankfully, this man managed to survive his accident. Moreover, he will likely be entitled to workers' compensation insurance benefits. These important financial benefits are regulated by the state of Maryland and typically provide employees injured on-the-job with reimbursement for medical expenses and related costs, as well as a lost income package to cover the period of time missed from work while focusing on a full recovery.

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