Maryland motorcyclist airlifted to trauma center

Beautiful summer weather here in Maryland means more residents getting outside to enjoy it. Many are eager to leave the confines of their cars and hit the road on a motorcycle. One recent accident, however, serves as an important reminder of the serious consequences when another driver causes a motorcycle accident.

The accident occurred as a van driver was making a left turn at an intersection. The van was pulling a cart full of tree limbs, and a motorcyclist collided with the cart. The impact threw the cyclist from the motorcycle. Although he was wearing a helmet, the victim had to be airlifted to a shock trauma center. Police continue to investigate the accident.

It is alarming that other drivers violate motorcyclists' right of way in the majority of accidents between motorcycles and other vehicles: two-thirds of the time, in fact. Many other drivers simply do not perceive motorcycles in the same way they do other, larger vehicles with which they share the road. Again, with 70 percent of two-vehicle crashes involving motorcycles occurring at intersections, motorcyclists are in an unfortunately vulnerable position.

As the above scenario illustrates, motorcyclists can suffer serious injuries to the head, neck and back when accidents eject them from their bikes. Treatment and recovery from brain and spinal cord injuries can lead to significant medical expenses. Riders who require an emergency medical flight to a hospital or trauma center, as this rider did, may also find that their insurance does not cover the cost of that flight completely, if at all. Some medical flight patients wind up with bills ranging into the thousands of dollars for the flight.

Fortunately, a driver who was unaware of a motorcyclist can be held accountable for the damages resulting from that driver's negligence. A legal professional may be able to help a Maryland accident victim understand what legal rights and options are available.

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