Maryland abortion clinics closed after medical mistake

Residents of Maryland understand the importance of trust between a physician and patient. Many people count on the care that doctors provide for both themselves and the people they love. When revealed that a patient has been killed as a result of negligence or a lethal medical mistake, it is understandable that many would feel their trust has been violated.

Four abortion clinics have been put under intense scrutiny as a result of the death of a patient amid claims of medical malpractice. According to officials, the victim was killed after succumbing to cardiac arrest while doctors made no attempt to resuscitate her. Three of the doctors involved have now had their licenses suspended.

Adding insult to injury, it was revealed that one of the doctors suspended allegedly has a documented history of making unwarranted sexual advances towards patients. As a result, the facility where the woman died and three other closely associated abortion clinics have now been forced to shut down. Each of these four locations apparently provided officials with enough evidence of widespread negligence and malpractice for this decision to be made.

The unfortunate circumstances surrounding these Maryland abortion clinics present just one outcome that can result from a medical mistake or other forms of malpractice. Individuals and families seeking any form of medical attention rightfully expect that the trust given to a physician will not be misplaced. Those that wish learn more about the options available should they believe this bond of trust broken may seriously want to consider speaking to an experienced professional.

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