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Delaware suspends doctor after 55 claims of medical malpractice


Doctors go to school for many years, and are licensed by a medical board to try to ensure that all doctor's practice up to a certain standard. Sometimes, however, doctors do not live up to that standard and end up with medical malpractice charges against themselves.

A Newark-based doctor had his license suspended March 5 in Delaware because of 55 alleged cases of malpractice. This includes at least one case that lead to the death of one of his patients. His license was suspended after the state filed a formal complaint against him. Their main concern dealt with his prescriptions to pregnant women that caused their children to be born with substance addictions.

The punishment includes the suspension of his license for three years, a fine and a required 12 hours of education on drug addiction.

The allegations against the doctor included neglecting to discuss medication risks with his patients, prescribing medication without a proper examination, failing to keep full medical records and failing to properly train his staff.

Because of the education doctors must have and the standards they must adhere to, patients should be able to hold them to a high standard and expect high quality care. Nonetheless, when these standards are not adhered to, it can lead to injury. In these cases, the individual harmed may be entitled to compensation for his or her injuries.

There are many ways in which negligence or poor care can affect a patient. These include physician errors, hospital negligence, birth injuries and failure to diagnose. In all of these cases, the injured party should hold the doctor responsible by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. This will both punish the doctor for his or her error and get the victim the much needed compensation to pay for the injuries the doctor inflicted.

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