Individuals with intellectual disabilities fight misconceptions

There are many individuals in Maryland that are struggling with a mentally or physically disabling condition or illness which prevents them from being able to work. In such circumstances, not only is the individual made to struggle with their disability, but they are often made to struggle to maintain adequate nutrition, housing and even the understanding of the community at large. Many disabilities carry a certain negative connotation that can cause individuals that do not have personal experience with the disability to pass judgment. These unfair views can serve to further hinder an individual with a disability.

Social Security Disability Insurance works to provide assistance for such individuals in Maryland so that they can provide for their basic costs of living. The Social Security Administrations is now also looking to address the later difficulty that some of these individuals face as well.

For individuals in Maryland that struggle with some form of cognitive impairment, the term "mental retardation" can feel very stigmatizing. The term has come to be an insult for many people. Accordingly, the Social Security Administration is looking to change its use of the word "mental retardation" in favor of "intellectual disability."

In relation to this proposed change, the Social Security Administration says, "Advocates for individuals with intellectual disability have rightfully asserted that the term "mental retardation" has negative connotations, has become offensive to many people, and often results in misunderstandings about the nature of the disorder and those who have it."

While this would be a great win for individuals that struggle with intellectual disabilities, it would not affect any change by way of the manner in which the Social Security Disability claims of these individuals are processed. The process will continue to be complex and potentially met with roadblocks. Speaking with an experienced Social Security Disability attorney can assist all individuals in such pursuits more successfully obtain benefits.

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