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Injured worker settles with truck manufacturer for $6.5 million


When a worker is injured in on the job in Maryland, the worker is often unable to continue working for some period of time while simultaneously being confronted with extensive medical bills. Workers' compensation benefits will work to provide for both medical coverage and lost wages.

However, in some instances, the workplace accident and subsequent injuries were caused by a third party. For example, if a worker was injured on the job due to a product or piece of equipment being dangerous or malfunctioning, there could be grounds for a product liability claim. If such proceedings are successful, the injured worker could be entitled to substantial monetary compensation.

An out-of-state worker recently settled a lawsuit stemming from such a claim with a recycling truck manufacturer. The worker was critically and permanently injured when he slipped from the truck being held liable in this lawsuit and fell under the truck's wheels. The worker was then not only run over but run over a second time after his coworker did not realize that the victim had slipped from his position.

The lawsuit stated in effect that it was the manufacturer's fault that the victim was injured because the product was defective and the instructions and warnings were lacking, leading to the serious personal injury that the victim sustained. Consequently, the victim had to have part of his leg amputated, he had his pelvis crushed and he suffered serious organ damage.

The worker is lucky to be alive but will have lasting complications for the remainder of his life. If a worker is similarly injured in Maryland, they can in some instance pursue a similar course of action. Speaking with an experienced legal attorney can better guide an injured worker in understand the best method for obtaining full financial compensation following a devastating workplace accident.

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