Bipolar disorder is a struggle known to many but seen by few

Recently, we discussed the barrier that confronts many residents of Maryland living with a disability from seeking the help that he or she needs. Often, such disabilities will prevent individuals from continuing to work. However, struggling individuals might feel uncomfortable filing a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits because the individual might feel uncomfortable with what other will think.

What does it mean to receive SSDI benefits? An individual approved to receive benefits must have evidence of a substantial work history. This means that the individual paid into Social Security. Therefore, receiving benefits absolutely does not mean that an individual is accepting handouts that they do not need. This is one of the most damaging fallacies about SSDI. People that propagate such a notion are being unfair, inaccurate and possibly inhibiting individuals that need assistance from seeking it.

The individuals most affected by such a stigma tend to be the individuals that do not appear to outwardly struggle. Often, individuals that struggle and are unable to work because they have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder keenly feel this discomfort and uncertainty in their struggle to find and accept help.

Many individuals do not realize that it is an arduous process to receive SSDI benefits. In fact, many individuals will seek the experience of a skilled SSDI attorney in order to mitigate the risk of having a denied claim, so as to receive the needed assistance as soon as possible.

An experienced attorney knows that an individual with bipolar disorder or any other qualifying mental condition is unable to work because of their struggle with their condition. An experienced attorney will not question the validity of the need, an experienced attorney will know an individual is tired of struggling and an experienced attorney will help that individual secure financial assistance. The SSDI process can be just as frustrating as the opinions of the uninformed, so a skilled attorney can be crucial.

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