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Contractor killed while working on the D.C. Metro line


An explosion on the D.C. Metro line could possibly have resulted in the taking of the life of a contractor. The explosion may have caused a 40 foot rail to move while striking the workers. Besides the death of the contractor, two other employees were taken to the hospital. Investigation into this matter is continuing.

This was just the latest of a series of accidents involving what is called the Red Line. Two workers were killed at the Rockville, Maryland Metro Stop in 2010. A fire underneath a rail car in Silver Spring, Maryland also occurred this past May. There have also been several derailments involving the Red Line - including an extremely deadly one in 2009.

Workers have been busy with the Red Line as it is part of a $5 billion improvement project. A D.C. Councilwoman spoke about this latest accident. There recently has been a great deal of major track work going on concerning the Red Line. "It is dangerous work and these workers are going into the system," said the councilwoman, "all over the system so we can get it in the good state of repair that customers deserve."

Industrial accidents and accidents involving heavy equipment can happen for a number of reasons. What we wish to avoid in any case is the placing of workers in the position where they are faced with dangerous conditions.

Because these accidents may have come about due to more than one cause, attorneys may represent the injured party in a workers' compensation, personal injury or products liability claim.

Industrial and construction workers are performing an invaluable service. We must in return keep their safety foremost in our minds. These workers and their families deserve to be adequately compensated when workplace accidents occur.

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