Nursing home standards of care not up to par for many families

It can be difficult on any Maryland family when they realize that they are unable to adequately care for an elderly family member and have to put them in a nursing home. Every family hopes that their loved one will be treated with respect and will be properly taken care of by the staff. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, and the standards of care aren't up to par for many families.

One nursing home in the deep south is currently under fire by the families of at least two residents. Members of both families have come to visit their loved ones and found them to be sitting in dirty diapers. On man's wife isn't able to communicate, so he has no idea how long she had been that way.

He goes onto say that he was cursed at by a staff member when he asked a question about his wife's blood sugar level. Another woman was also yelled at by a staff member when she pointed out a problem with her father's roommate. She too, has had issue with her father being left in a soiled diaper. Her father, however, is able to communicate and said that he had been trying to get someone to take care of it for quite some time.

No one can deny that working in a nursing home is often challenging for the staff. However, that doesn't mean that the standards of care offered should be neglectful of patients. If anyone in Maryland finds that a loved one has been mistreated or is not being properly cared for, he or she has a right to file a complaint. If the complaint isn't satisfactorily addressed, or if the transgression is egregious, the filing of a lawsuit may be in order.

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