Teen driver allegedly causes Maryland car crash

The state of Maryland considers failure to yield and driver negligence offenses that require stern punishment. This is a fact that one teenager is now learning following a recent accident in a high school parking lot.

The car-pedestrian accident occurred in Hyattsville and involved a group of ROTC students and a 19-year-old driver. Apparently, the teenager hit the students standing in formation in the parking lot. Apparently, the driver was attempting to return to school when he failed to yield to the ROTC students and ran into them with his car. The eight students sustained minor injuries such as bruises and bumps.

As a result, the teen driver is facing several charges in connection with the crash. The teenager was charged with failure to control the vehicle and multiple counts of negligent driving. In addition, he apparently only had a learner's permit, resulting in charges of driving without adult supervision. Distracted driving is also a suspected factor in the car accident. The driver also claims impaired vision from sunlight in his windshield.

Teen drivers, although they are considered inexperienced drivers, are not exempt from the responsibilities that every driver has to ensure the safety of other people on the road. They also need to drive vehicles with due caution, drive only while sober and avoid distracted driving. Any driver who fails to do so may face criminal consequences and ultimately the liabilities that come with any motor-vehicle crash.

Any motor vehicle crash that only results in minor injuries can be considered to have a fortunate outcome, although even minor crashes can leave victims with traumatic experiences that will take weeks, months or years to deal with. Injured parties can pursue compensation for damages through personal injury lawsuits. Victims may be entitled to recover medical expenses as well as other accident-related costs.

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