A common birth injury, a closer look at cerebral palsy

The health of an infant is the main concern of most expectant parents in Laurel, Maryland. However, a child can sometimes be born with defects due to birth injuries. A birth injury may occur due to medical error, error during delivery or a C-section that was not done quickly enough.

Birth injuries may range from fetal lacerations to infant asphyxiation to cerebral palsy. Of these, cerebral palsy, a common birth injury, continues to be risky for infants. In fact, a recent study examined 494 newborns suffered from cerebral palsy and 100 babies died during birth. The study also highlighted the risk factors of cerebral palsy to babies. The researchers observed the following factors -- birth events due to suffocation, inflammation or signs of infection, birth defects, and growth restriction.

The researchers discovered that babies are twice as likely to sustain cerebral palsy due to suffocation or inflammation during childbirth. While they noted that suffocation or inflammation were not originally thought to be contributing factors in the baby's cerebral palsy, 12.6 percent of newborns obtained cerebral palsy due to such causes. Additionally, growth restriction boosted the risk of cerebral palsy to newborns. The same goes for birth defects.

Cerebral palsy is a disorder that affects the newborn's brain function and body movement. Unfortunately, babies with cerebral palsy may have a hard time living a normal life because such a disorder may require a great deal of care and supervision. Cerebral palsy can be challenging for the family because it can lead to long-term medical care and other expenses.

However, in instances where the parent observes that the treating physician's medical error contributes to the infant's cerebral palsy, the parents may wish to seek compensation by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Medical malpractice lawsuits concerning a baby's birth injury may help the family recover compensation to pay for the baby's medical needs, rehabilitation, and other necessary expenses.

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