Motor vehicle crash kills elderly woman in Maryland

Car accidents, including those in Laurel, Maryland, give rise to many personal injury claims throughout the country. An auto accident, resulting in financial damages and pain and suffering, happens every 10 seconds.

For example, a car accident occurred recently near Laurel, Maryland. According to sources, a car that was heading west on Md. 140 ran a red light and hit another car, which contained a 66-year-old driver and a passenger. The second car was making a left turn prior to the car crash. Unfortunately, the passenger in the car, a 68-year-old woman, was taken to Carroll Hospital Center, where she later died. Two drivers involved in the two-car accident suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were also taken to a hospital. While the incident remains under investigation, failure to stop at a red light is a suspected factor in the crash.

Traffic rules and regulations are enforced to manage the flow of traffic on the road. Stoplights, speed limits and traffic signs are in place to keep every driver safe from issues that may lead to motor vehicle crashes. However, these laws may seem useless without the cooperation of motorists. Failure to abide by the rules may cost people their lives in the event of an accident.

In the case of a two-car accident, disobeying traffic signs or signals may be considered negligence. A driver's negligence may be important if the injured person wishes to pursue payment for damages caused by the car accident.

In a Maryland motor-vehicle crash, drivers are required to exercise due caution while driving. If that does not happen; however, a personal injury claim may help the car accident victim recover compensation. If the car accident is fatal, the immediate family may be compensated for m

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