Medical malpractice: basic information

When a person steps inside a hospital for consultation or other health concerns, that person expects that the health care professionals will provide him or her with the best possible care. Readers in Prince Georges, Maryland, are aware that a medical error may occur when a health care provider deviates from their standard of care, which is that of what a prudent health care provider would do under the same circumstances. Medical errors including a misdiagnosis, prescription error or surgical error can endanger a patient's life, resulting in a worsened condition, serious injury or even a fatality.

Readers need to know the basic facts about medical malpractice to determine if they can file such claims in the event that they suffer complications after undergoing a medical treatment. First and foremost, readers should note that a bad outcome does not necessarily mean that the doctor or a physician failed to provide adequate care during the course of treatment. Often, a patient may be informed of a medical error after visiting another physician. In some cases, honest health care providers tell their patients that they made a mistake during treatment. Offering a quick apology can sometimes prevent medical malpractice cases, as some patients just want to know what happened during the medical procedure or treatment.

Following a medical error, some insurance companies try to settle with the injured parties before the case heads to court. Readers should note that filing a medical malpractice lawsuit can be complicated. Not all personal injury lawsuits end in settlements for the injured patients and their survivors. Still, pursuing a claim may result in awards and damages that can be used for the patients' recovery.

Readers should not be afraid to ask for second opinion if they think that they are not getting quality care from their physicians. Every patient deserves proper medical care.

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