How common are Maryland medical professional errors?

Whether you are living in Maryland or some other state, you can be a victim of medical error anytime you receive medical treatment. Doctors, nurses and other hospital and clinic staff members are required to exercise caution when they work with their patients, whether making diagnoses, implementing treatments, prescribing medications or performing surgical procedures. Unfortunately, just a single medical error can lead to a lifetime of ill effects -- and even death -- for patients. Although it is intended to benefit patients, sometimes, technology can also harm them.

How many medical errors are due to failures in technology? A 2013 study found that 15 medical errors occur during a typical surgical procedure. Of those errors, 24 percent were caused by equipment failure. For critical operations such as heart surgeries, technology failures can cost a patient his or her life.

What can hospitals due to prevent equipment failures? Training programs and constant equipment checks can reduce medical equipment errors by half. The key for any facility is to make sure the checks are done on a regular basis.

What most often leads to a medical malpractice lawsuit? If a doctor's failure to use medical equipment properly harms a patient, a malpractice lawsuit may follow. However, complications that result from a procedure may not be considered a form of medical malpractice. Determining whether a patient's injuries or death resulted from negligence or complications is the first order of business.

Anyone who is considering filing a medical malpractice claim should consult with an experienced and qualified legal professional who can offer an expert opinion on the merits of the case. If a person's suspicions are confirmed, he or she can proceed with filing the lawsuit with the help of counsel. The legal professional can help ensure that the plaintiff obtains a fair and just settlement.

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