Need help filing a workers' compensation claim in Maryland?

The workers' compensation system in Maryland provides workers with a valuable lifeline of support when they are injured on the job. Compensation benefits often cover an injured worker's medical costs, income lost due to temporary or permanent disability and provide other benefits. However, not all workers know the full scope of these benefits and sometimes, they wrongly assume that their particular medical issue is not covered. For example, most workers think that problems relating to their pre-existing medical conditions are not covered.

Contrary to popular belief, though, a lot of workers can qualify for benefits relating to a pre-existing condition if they can show that their work has aggravated the condition. Some of the most common aggravated pre-existing conditions include back injuries, shoulder injuries, wrist injuries and knee injuries. Others include asthma and other types of medical conditions.

In order to successfully pursue a workers' compensation claim relating to a pre-existing medical condition, workers need to document their medical issue, the type of work they performed and for how long they performed that work. Through this information, medical records and a review by medical experts when necessary, workers may be able to build a solid case for benefits.

The attorneys at the Laurel, Maryland office of McGowan & Cecil have extensive experience dealing with workers' compensation claims relating to pre-existing conditions, and we will help you seek the maximum amount of benefits to which you are entitled. During your free initial consultation, we will advise you about your rights and options under the law and your best next steps should you wish to proceed with a workers' compensation claim.

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