Maryland trooper heading back to work following accident

A Maryland state trooper was badly injured in an accident, and now she's returning to work. If you're hurt in a similar way or have beeninjured on the job, then you may also want to look into workers' compensation, which can support you during a difficult time in your life. According to this trooper's story, she was struck while assisting another trooper on Oct. 6, 2013, while on Route 100. That's when she was hit by a passing motorist.

According to the story, she had serious head injuries, a broken arm and numerous cuts. She had to be taken to Shock Trauma, and now, just five months later, she's back at work. She says that she wants to thank everyone who helped her through fundraisers, donations, and other events and supported her while she was recovering. She wasn't expected to make a recovery as fast as she has, but she was determined to get back to her job.

According to the news reports, the trooper the woman was stopping to help that night was also the first to render aid on the scene. He claims he didn't do much, but having immediate aid may have helped her along in her recovery after the accident. They reported that the 21-year-old who struck the woman was in violation of the "move over" law. He was charged a $750 fine for that, and he was also fined for negligent driving in the amount of $280.

The woman's rehabilitation has gone better than expected, and she hasn't said anything about seeking compensation from the man who struck her. Since he was negligent, it's possible she could. However, in these types of situations, worker's compensation should help with costs.

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