Dancing worker in Maryland gets compensation for injury

The Maryland Court of Special Appeals recently made a ruling involving the case of a worker who was on a dance floor at a club when he lost his footing, fell to the floor and sustained an injury to his pelvis. According to the ruling, he should be entitled to workers' compensation payments because the injury happened while he was on the job.

From the outside, this may seem like a surprising ruling, but the man is a traveling employee for a company that provides stage services and other services relating to audio and video entertainment. He is from Idaho, but the company sent him to Maryland as part of his job. He went to the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, which is where the accident took place in 2011.

The man was dancing at a club at the resort when he fell. The injury happened around midnight. Evidence was never found to link him to excessive drinking or intoxication.

A prior ruling by the Prince George's County, Maryland Circuit Court and the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission said that he should not get the worker's compensation payments. They did not feel that he had to be dancing or that it was required for his job. This new ruling overturns that and provides him with the money.

Any injury suffered while on the job could potentially lead to a claim for workers' compensation, as they have a right to payments if they are working and if the injury is shown to be accidental. Those who have had their claim denied may have a right to an appeal of the ruling.

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