Maryland officer suffers work injury in cruiser crash

Getting hurt at work can end up causing you pain or result in damage to your body that can't be reversed. There are many ways you could be injured on the job. You may have heard about this officer, for example, who was injured in a car accident. This kind of accident, despite taking place in a police cruiser, could result in the officer's workers' compensation claim being denied. That's because he was technically off duty. He could have to appeal the decision, but fortunately, that's allowed. Workers' compensation could provide him with the compensation he needs while he recovers.

According to the report from May 2, a wet road may be at fault for the accident that caused the Maryland State Police trooper to crash his patrol car on westbound I-70 in Myersville. The trooper, who has been with the police for around a year, was on his way home from work when the accident took place. He had to be transported to R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore for treatment.

What happened to cause the accident? According to the witnesses, the trooper was going about the same speed as anyone else on the roadways that day. The cruiser went off the road, fortunately, it avoided everyone else on the roadway. The cruiser then hit a median and some trees before coming to a stop. The officer may have crashed near a curve, according to the news, but it's not exactly clear.

Because of the crash, the officer suffered minor head injuries, according to the report. He also had cuts and bruises. The trooper has been released from the hospital.

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