Safety tips for Maryland drivers to avoid distracted driving

Distracted driving poses great risks for Laurel, Maryland, drivers and drivers across the country. Negligent behavior often leads to auto accidents that not only result in serious injuries but also fatalities. However, there are ways to avoid distracted driving. A recent conference, which was attended by scientific researchers and psychologists, listed several recommendations to avoid distracted driving and, subsequently, car accidents.

First, it is a good idea to put the cell phone in the trunk and turn off the GPS. Experts recommend that drivers turn off their cell phones or put them on vibrate mode before driving. However, if the person has the impulse to reach for his or her cell phone, it may be best to put it in the trunk. Although a GPS or some other navigation devices are helpful, they can still be distracting. A glance at a GPS device can be enough to cause an accident, so drivers should exercise caution when using such devices.

Distracted drivers need to be kept in line. Unlike driving under the influence, many people do not consider using their cell phones while driving as negligent behavior. To help reshape public opinion, the laws governing distracted driving need to change. People also need to start speaking up. For example, if one person calls another on a cell phone and learns that he or she is driving, the caller should call back when the person is no longer driving. Similarly, passengers should politely intervene when a driver is using a handheld device.

Voice recognition devices can be just as distracting. A lot of people think that using voice recognition instead of manually texting is a lot safer. However, according to studies that have been conducted, using such an application can still distract a driver.

While on the road, Laurel, Maryland, drivers should concentrate solely on driving. Otherwise, if they cause an accident and subsequent injuries to other motorists, drivers can be held criminally liable by the victims of the car accidents. Victims can also seek compensation to help them with accident-related expenses.

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