Falls from ladders and other Maryland job site dangers to avoid

The list of dangers that can be found on a typical Maryland construction site are endless. Indeed, falls from ladders and people losing their balance on scaffolding are just a two of the more common ways that an individual could suffer a fatal or seriously harmful construction accident. The ways these accidents commonly occur are too long to list but by putting some of them down on paper, construction workers can consciously take more care to avoid these dangers.

Crane, forklifts and other types of heavy machinery are very common sources of construction accidents -- especially when an inattentive or fatigued worker is operating them. Table saws can result in a severed finger in a heartbeat. Chemical exposure and burns are also very common.

The reason why construction workers where hats may seem obvious, but when a worker fails to put one on, he or she is taking a big risk. Heavy falling objects are a daily occurrence at construction job sites -- so are flying pieces of metal and other objects. By donning a construction hat, workers can help protect themselves from injury in the event that one of these items strikes them in the head.

Generally speaking, common sense and attentiveness are the most powerful tools that a construction worker can use for avoiding falls from ladders and other common job site injuries. However, in some cases no amount of worker diligence is enough to avoid an accident. In such cases, workers can seek financial assistance to help them recover from their injuries by filing a Maryland workers' compensation claim.

You can learn more about workers' compensation by visiting our construction accident webpage.

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