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An introduction on truck accidents - basic information


Whenever people talk about motor vehicle accidents, they often think of car accidents, which are very common, instead of truck accidents, which happen less frequently. Commercial trucks are huge vehicles that are often used to transport various goods from one place to another. Trucks are 25 times heavier than a typical car. This difference in size and weight of the truck can be potentially catastrophic if it collides with smaller vehicles such as cars.

Recent statistics indicate that truck drivers are more careful compared to drivers of other vehicles. Still, truck accidents have accounted for 106,000 injuries and 4,995 fatalities in 2006. Truck accidents can also result in secondary injuries since these vehicles often haul hazardous materials, such as gasoline, that can spill in an accident.

In the event of a truck accident that resulted in injuries, the injured parties may be compensated for their losses. This is only possible if the truck driver disregarded the safety of others on the road by failing to apply brakes on time, for example, which may have prevented the accident. Injured parties have to prove their case in order to receive awards and damages. They have to prove that the truck driver failed to exercise a reasonable standard of care prior to the accident. The injured must also prove that the accident also caused their injuries.

Injured parties may also name additional people in their lawsuits. Employers, contractors and trucking companies can be held liable if it can be proven thattruck driver negligence contributed to the accident. For example, trucking companies that had disregarded a truck's maintenance can be held responsible if that truck gets involved in a collision that resulted in injuries or fatalities.

Prince Georges' residents who have been injured in a truck accident may want to speak with their a qualified attorny in order to determine if they can file a claim or receive compensation for their losses.

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