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What are the common causes of motorcycle accidents?


Despite the fact that motorcyclists sometimes sustain fatal injuries in collisions, many riders wouldn't travel any other way due to the unique sense of freedom they get from their chosen mode of transportation. A motorcyclist, as well as any driver, should always be aware of the common causes of motorcycle accidents. Doing so will help any motorist make critical decisions in order to avoid accidents that can cause serious injuries and fatalities.

One of the unique problems often faced by motorcyclists is visual recognition. Since motorcycles are small in size, drivers of four-wheeled vehicles often fail to see or recognize them on the road. Weather and road conditions also make motorcycles more difficult to recognize. Motorcyclists must make themselves visible on the road. Reflective clothing can help other vehicles see that motorcycle is sharing the road. Another common problem for motorcyclists is road hazards. Uneven pavement, ruts, debris and other objects on the roadway are major problems for those who are in smaller vehicles, including bikes. Riders should always be prepared for such dangers so that vehicles can be maneuvered properly.

Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is speed wobble. When a motorcycle travels at high speed, the front end of the vehicle may start to shake or wobble. Such problems are often caused by the misalignment of tires. If a biker encounters this problem before being involved in a crash, they may be able to seek compensation under a product liability law.

Motor vehicle accidents are also sometimes caused by driver's negligence. If you were involved in a crash, be sure you understand how the accident happened since each party's fault in the crash is measured in order to determine liability. A motorcycle accident victim may receive compensation if the accident was caused by someone else's misconduct or neglect.

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