Facts about dangers of auto accidents due to distractions

Auto accidents in Maryland can happen for a variety of reasons. Some are easily explained if one of the drivers was under the influence of alcohol of drugs. Others happen because of unforeseen circumstances such as the weather or an unexpected incident. Still others might happen because of a driver's negligence in paying attention to things other than what they should be paying attention to: the road. Knowing the facts about a driving while distracted is important to avoid accidents and to help those who have suffered serious injury or the family of those who died know what to do afterwards.

Many drivers are under the impression that there's nothing dangerous about multi-tasking while driving. Using a smartphone, writing, putting on makeup, caring for children - these are all examples of activities that people might take part in while operating a motor vehicle. The statistics are showing that driving while distracted is even more deadly than drinking and driving. The number of teens who have been in a car crash because of alcohol has reduced while the number due to distracted driving has risen.

The vast number of teens - more than 90 percent - have stated that they don't drink and drive, the same percentage states that they've seen drivers distracted by passengers or using their phones while driving. While many might believe they're able to drive effectively while completing other tasks, the fact is that the driver's brain engagement is reduced by 40 percent when they're talking to someone of listening to the radio. One study says that drivers who are using a cell phone while driving are suffering from greater impairment than drivers who register a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent.

Many states are taking steps to curtail driver's negligence by driving while distracted by enacting laws and penalizing drivers. That hasn't stopped the practice. Although the dangers and the number of people who are hurt in auto accidents due to these acts are significant, there will still be people who are negligent behind the wheel. When there is a car crash due to negligence and there are injuries and fatalities, there will be medical costs, emotional pain and other financial ramifications. Often, the only way to move forward is to consider a legal filing with help from a qualified legal professional in order to be compensated.

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