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Holding responsible parties accountable for motorcycle accidents


Across the country, including in Maryland, many accidents between motorcycles and other vehicles happen because drivers are not looking for these smaller vehicles. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders almost always suffer more than drivers, whether the result is a serious injury or death. Motorcyclists who survive accidents with serious injuries often face the additional challenge of paying for costly medical treatment while suffering financial losses because of time lost from work.

The attorneys at the law firm of McGowan & Cecil, LLC, understand the difficulties that motorcycle accident victims face. Throughout their years handling catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases, they have helped many motorcyclists and their families obtain full compensation to cover medical expenses and other financial damages. The path to compensation, however, is not always easy. Insurance companies often try to limit compensation by ignoring or discounting the results of traffic investigations. After any motorcycle accident, the attorneys at McGowan & Cecil, LLC, will look closely at a crash scene and look closely at investigation reports. A thorough analysis can help determine the exact cause of a crash and uncover evidence that identifies all negligent parties.

The firm's work does not end there. The attorneys also focus on getting the best possible medical treatment for injured clients. Not all injuries heal completely. Some leave impaired limbs and disfiguring scars. In these types of cases, the attorneys at McGowan & Cecil, LLC, speak with health-care professionals to better understand a client's case and determine what treatments are required and their costs. The costs of all medical expenses and lost wages and related losses can be sought in a personal injury lawsuit.

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