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How does the Social Security Administration make determinations about disability benefits?


In this blog, we discuss many of the debilitating illnesses, injuries and medical conditions that may

In this blog, we discuss many of the debilitating illnesses, injuries and medical conditions that may prevent an individual from being able to return to work. People who suffer from chronic medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, have been diagnosed with cancer or suffered a debilitating brain injury may struggle to make ends meet. Thankfully, SocialSecurity disability benefits can provide much-needed income to disabled U.S. workers.

Obtaining SSDI benefits can be challenging and many first-time applicants are denied benefits. In this post, we'll discuss factors that the Social Security Administration takes into account when making determinations with regard to SSDI benefits and provide tips on how applicants can improve the likelihood that their claim will be successful.

Prior to applying for SSDI benefits, an individual must ensure that his or her condition is included in the Social Security Administration's Listing of Impairments. Additionally, an individual must also ensure they meet certain age, work and income requirements. Applicants must then go through the application process during which he or she must provide sufficient, detailed and compelling evidence that one's condition, illness or injury is debilitating in nature and inhibits employment.

Factors that may affect whether benefits are awarded include determinations related to the belief that an individual is not disabled or that an injury or condition may exist, but does not inhibit an individual from performing some other type of work. In many cases, the applications of individuals are denied because an applicant fails to provide compelling evidence that unequivocally supports one's claims of being disabled and unable to work.

For individuals who are confused and overwhelmed by the SSDI application and determination process, an attorney who handles disability matters can assist. An attorney can answer questions and provide advice and guidance on ways to improve one's chances of securing SSDI benefits.

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