How doctors address wrong-site surgeries

Wrong-site surgery is one of the many types of medical errors that lead to the death of patients, or at least worsened conditions for some. A wrong-site surgery is a surgery performed on the wrong area of a patient, or to the wrong patient.

Because wrong-site surgery is dangerous for the patient, doctors have developed various procedures to prevent such cases. Surgeons mark the operative site to ensure that the medical procedure will be performed in the proper location. However, this safety procedure has lapses as some surgeons mistake the mark as an area to avoid an operative site. Another challenge in using this procedure is its regularity of use in hospitals. Due to different procedures used in each hospital, it is difficult to determine whether all surgeons mark the operative site prior to the actual surgery. Another reason why wrong-site surgeries occur is miscommunication. It is important for surgeons and other staff members to be on the same page before they perform an operation. By doing so, they can avoid medical errors and other serious complications.

Wrong-site surgeries are often irreversible. When such cases occur, patients may suffer severe consequences. These patients may seek compensation for their injuries and other losses through medical malpractice lawsuits. All of their losses, including medical expenses, can be sought in the lawsuit.

Maryland residents who are planning to file medical malpractice lawsuits will probably benefit from getting the most accurate information they can about the process. These lawsuits can be oftentimes be very complex.

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