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Police arrest driver who caused a fatal motorcycle accident


Operating a motorcycle requires skill and experience because of the increased instability of a two-wheeled vehicle when compared to a passenger car or truck. Here in Maryland, motorcycle riders often take safety courses to better understand these unique challenges. Car drivers, on the other hand, should respect the presence of motorcyclists and share the road. Failure to recognize motorcyclists on the road often leads to devastating outcomes such as serious injuries and death.

Such is the case of a fatal motorcycle accident which happened in Maryland several months ago. An SUV pulled in front of a motorcycle, resulting in the death of the motorcyclist. The SUV driver reportedly failed to yield to the right of way and the 31-year-old driver was initially charged after the deadly crash. Recently, police dropped the charges against this driver because they believed that another person who fled on foot from the SUV after the crash was the real driver. That person is now facing criminal charges.

The family of the deceased may find it difficult that the person who was initially charged was not the actual person who caused the deadly crash. Justice will be served once the responsible party is convicted of the charges. When it comes to addressing financial losses, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed. A family lawsuit may seek damages for funeral, medical and other pecuniary losses. Evidence presented during criminal prosecution can be used to file a civil claim.

Motorcycle accident victims and their families may file a personal injury or wrongful death claim if negligence of another person caused the crash or death of a loved one. Plaintiffs must present substantial evidence when they file these lawsuits. They should also calculate their losses such as medical expenses, which can be added to the lawsuits. Legal guidance can also make a huge difference in these cases.

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