Motor vehicle accident on I-95 sends three to hospital

In early the afternoon of Wednesday, July 9, at approximately 3:00 p.m., a Maryland State Trooper pulled over a car onto the shoulder of Interstate 95 in Laurel, Maryland, under the suspicion of displaying improper plates. The officer left his vehicle behind the pulled over car with emergency lights on, and proceeded to the passenger side to speak with the driver.

The officer's patrol car was then struck by a third vehicle, which caused the patrol car to hit the vehicle that was pulled over, also striking the state trooper on the passenger side of the car, causing him to subsequently fall over the guardrail. The drivers of both vehicles were sent to the hospital, and the state trooper was sent to the shock trauma center at the University of Maryland in serious condition. The condition of the two drivers was unknown at the time of the initial reports.

The accident caused significant delays on all lanes on the southbound side of I-95 during the evening rush hour. Traffic backups extended all the way back to Interstate 695.

Although no charges have been filed related to the accident, the driver who caused the crash may be found negligent and responsible for compensation to the victims of the motor vehicle accident. Compensation may cover costs for pain and suffering for the injuries and medical expenses, as well as compensation for previous and future lost wages if the victims are out of work for a significant length of time. When Maryland residents are involved in motor vehicle accidents, they may find it useful to get more information about personal injury claims.

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