Aggressive advocates for Maryland victims of semi-truck accidents

It is a fact of life that automobile drivers must share Maryland roads with large semi-trucks. Unfortunately, when an automobile, SUV or pickup truck is involved in a collision with a semi-truck the occupants of the smaller vehicle almost always get the worst of it. The average car is no match for the size and weight of a semi-truck, and semi-truck accidents often result in the total destruction of the car, with serious injury or death to those inside.

Because of the potential risks to other motorists, commercial semi-trucks are subject to extensive state and federal regulation. These regulations cover everything from weight to tire pressure to proper securing of loads. Drivers are restricted in how many hours they can drive between rest periods, and must keep a log to show their compliance. Equipment including brakes, tires, mirrors and lights is subject to regular inspections to make sure it is in safe working order.

It is important to know how to identify violations that may have played a part in the accident. In the pre-trial discovery process it is critical to obtain an unaltered copy of the trucker's log book to determine whether driver fatigue played a role in the accident. It is also important to review the inspection records for the truck in question, to determine whether negligent maintenance was a factor.

At the law firm of Mcgowan & Cecil LLC we have the knowledge and experience necessary to pursue compensation for victims of tractor-trailer accidents. You can find more information about our truck accident practice on our web page.

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