Maryland construction accident attorneys

It is easy for a slip and fall accident to happen at a Maryland construction site and it can literally happen to anyone. Construction sites are filled with dust, debris and other obstacles that can cause even the most careful person to slip, trip or fall. Even worse, when a multi-story building, a ladder or scaffolding are brought into the mix, a fall could involve hitting the ground from very high up and result in broken bones, paralysis and death.

Fortunately, Maryland construction workers are covered by the state's workers' compensation system, which means they can get insurance benefits to cover the costs relating to their injuries. Those costs include hospital fees, doctor's bills, medication costs, rehabilitation services and other types of costs. Workers who are temporarily or permanently disabled may also be able to get disability benefits to help make ends meet while they are unable to work.

Although there is no way to reverse the damage done by a workplace injury, workers can get the financial help they need with a successfully navigated workers' compensation claim. Furthermore, it does not matter whose fault the accident was. Even if a worker hurts him or herself out of negligence, or out of a failure to follow safety guidelines, the worker will usually be able seek and qualify for benefits.

Workers' compensation claims can be filed without professional legal assistance. However, the more complicated and extensive the injuries are, the more complicated the process can become. At McGowan & Cecil, LLC, we have a broad range of experience helping people pursue benefits following workplace accidents. Best of all, our workers' compensation clients do not pay any attorneys' fees or costs relating to their claims unless we achieve a successful award of benefits on their behalf.

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