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You can be compensated for your injuries suffered on the job


As a laboring worker, the last thing you want to suffer from is an injury. An injury can mean that you no longer have the ability to work, and without work, how will you support yourself and your family? No one should have to worry about that after suffering an injury on the job, and if you understand your rights as a worker, you shouldn't have to.

As a construction worker, you are exposed to a number of serious work hazards each day. You could fall from a ladder that isn't support correctly, or you could be struck by a forklift. Heavy machinery could have damage that results in a malfunction that cuts you or causes an amputation injury; or, a nail gun or other power tool could lead to an accident and injuries that take time to heal.

Whether you've been electrocuted by a worker who didn't leave the power turned off while you were working or you were caught in an explosion as a result of defective equipment, you may have a right to compensation for your injuries. Work hazards may not be able to be completely eliminated, but your safety should always be the priority. With workers' compensation, you can be covered for your employer's negligence.

What happens if it's not your employer but an employee or other party who hurt you? Workers' compensation should still cover you on the job, but you may also be able to sue those parties for additional compensation. Our website has more information about this possibility, so you can learn more about this option.

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