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Are you fighting to prove your disability?


Imagine that you have a medical condition that results in negative symptoms like entire body pain, intense fatigue or disordered thinking. Individuals who suffer from serious medical diseases or conditions like lupus, fibromyalgia and bipolar disorder may have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, performing normal everyday tasks and participating in activities. From the outside, however, these individuals may look completely normal and fine.

In the United States, hundreds of thousands of people suffer from so-called invisible disabilities. Because signs of their debilitating condition or disease are not readily apparent to the outside world, these individuals may struggle to convince others of their symptoms and serious struggles.

For individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, Crohn's disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia; many are often forced to defend the legitimacy of their debilitating condition. The fact is that no one chooses to have a serious medical or mental condition and individuals who suffer from invisible disabilities may suffer adverse side-effects that, even with medication, make it difficult to perform simple tasks or work.

Individuals who have been diagnosed with a disabling injury, mental condition or disease and who are unable to work often face many financial hardships. Thankfully, Social Security disability insurance can help individuals who, due to their condition, are no longer able to work. Obtaining SSD benefits, however, is a long and difficult process and many first-time applicants are denied benefits.

An attorney who handles SSD matters and is knowledgeable about the entire process can assist individuals who wish to apply for SSD benefits. While there are never any guarantees that an individual's application will be accepted, an attorney can assist in completing and ensuring one's application provides comprehensive and compelling evidence of one's disability.

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