New treatment promises relief for chronic migraine sufferers

Imagine experiencing a pounding headache that forces you to hide indoors for several days per month. For individuals who suffer from chronic migraines, extreme sensitivity to light and sound coupled with nausea and vision problems often interfere with their ability to participate in normal everyday activates. Consequently, not only do the personal relationships of those with this debilitating medical condition suffer but so too does their ability to work and maintain financial independence.

The World Health Organization estimates that roughly four percent of adults across the globe suffer from chronic migraines. The WHO also lists migraines as being "more disabling" than both "blindness and paraplegia." What's more, sufferers are also prone to developing depression which has been linked to the development of other serious diseases and medical conditions.

While previous treatments for migraines weren't very effective and had numerous and adverse side effects, medical researchers recently announced that they developed an injection that is said to prevent the onset of migraines. The new treatment works by bonding to the chemical that is known to cause migraines.

For individuals who suffer from painful, disruptive and debilitating headaches; this groundbreaking treatment option is welcome news. This is especially true for those sufferers for whom other treatments have failed to bring any relief.

Chronic migraine sufferers who are unable to work due to their condition often suffer financial repercussions. For this reason, some may choose to apply for Social Security disability benefits. An attorney who handles SSD matters can assist with both the initial application process as well as the claim appeals process for those who have been denied benefits.

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