Doctor error allegedly leads to patient's dental complications

One of the most frightening experiences a patient can have is to be injured by the very doctor in which he or she placed his or her trust. One person reportedly suffered injury as a result of a doctor error in a case involving a dentist practicing outside of Maryland. The woman is suing the dental office, claiming she suffered complications resulting from a misdiagnosis and a latex allergy.

The woman claims that during her oral surgery, her mother entered the room and saw her disoriented with a swollen jaw and mouth. The patient said that following the surgery, she suffered from pain and redness in her mouth. Upon calling the dentist, she learned that the doctor had performed the surgery while wearing latex gloves, even though she allegedly told the doctor, before the procedure, that she was allergic to the material.

The woman said she later went to another surgeon for a follow-up appointment. The other surgeon reportedly discovered that she had dry sockets, which the previous dentist allegedly overlooked. As a result of the complications stemming from the procedure, the woman said she had to miss work, suffered pain for long periods and lost at least 20 pounds due to being unable to eat particular foods. She also said that she felt as if she nearly died during the procedure.

The woman has accused the dental office of engaging in medical malpractice, as well as not noting that she had latex allergies. She also claims that, due to a doctor error, her dry sockets were not diagnosed in a timely manner. Any person who suffers personal injury at the hand of a doctor, dentist or other medical professional in Maryland has the right to pursue damages in civil court.

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