Heavy machinery accidents and workplace safety in Maryland

Injuries from heavy machinery can happen in an infinite number of ways at a Maryland job site. They might happen as a result of operator error or mechanical defects. No matter how they occur, if the operator was performing his or her job duties at the time, then it is likely that the injured worker will have a viable claim for workers' compensation benefits.

At McGowan & Cecil, we have a team of experience workers' compensation attorneys on staff to help guide injured workers through the process of obtaining benefits relating to their injuries. We are passionate about helping workers try to overcome barriers to the benefits approval process, and we are passionate about helping workers get the absolute most money in benefits that they can.

Some of the most common workplace accidents that involve heavy machinery are the result of operator error. They may also be the result of improper training, improper loading of the machinery or failure to maintain machinery according to safety specifications. Further, poor weather and other kinds of dangerous conditions at a job site can result in an injurious accident.

Some heavy machinery accidents are worse than others and unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a worker to suffer a fatal injury and die of a serious accident. Depending on the nature of the incident, an injured worker -- or the family of a deceased worker -- may also have a claim for personal injury damages in addition to a workers' compensation claim, if it can be shown that the employer's negligence caused the injury or death.

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