Failure to diagnose allegedly led to woman's death

Watching a loved one die in Maryland due to a doctor's negligence is naturally infuriating; however, the legal system makes it possible for surviving loved ones in this situation to seek justice. One woman in another state died after her condition deteriorated at a hospital. The woman's family has decided to sue the hospital where her death took place, alleging that a failure to diagnose the woman properly led to her death.

According to the family, the woman went to the hospital with a complaint of pain in her lower back. She was told that she had a fracture in her back and was hospitalized. The mother's children said that when she was first hospitalized, her health was very good with the exception of the fracture in her back. They said, however, that in just two days, their mother started refusing food and began to complain about severe pain.

According to their complaint, the woman was put on a diet of only liquids, and her condition got worse. She was then put on a ventilator and required resuscitation two times. The family said when the woman's dialysis line became dislodged, the doctor determined that the line should not be reinserted since her health was so poor. Aspiration pneumonia, gallbladder inflammation, and septic shock ended up taking her life.

The family has accused the hospital of not only failure to diagnose but also medical malpractice and failure to treat her properly. They also said the hospital failed to protect the patient from harm, failed to assist her and failed to correctly assess her. They are seeking damages for death, medical expenses, distress, mental anguish, and pain and suffering. It is within the rights of any family members who have lost a loved one in Maryland because of a physician's failure to exercise a reasonable degree of care to try to hold the professional accountable.

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